Here's How a Formula 1 Car Looks Parked Inside a House

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Photo: u/saltandcactus on Reddit
Honey, I've bought a Formula 1 car!Honey, I've bought a Formula 1 car!Honey, I've bought a Formula 1 car!Honey, I've bought a Formula 1 car!Honey, I've bought a Formula 1 car!
"Hey, honey! I've just bought the perfect work of art to put in our spare room! It'll be an excellent conversation piece. No, not that ugly sculpture you had your eye on at the gallery. It's a Formula 1 car!". [Angry wife noises].
We like to imagine that's how things went down when an intrepid and (most likely) well-to-do Redditor brought home a Williams FW28 with the intention of permanently parking it inside the house. Now, five months later, the ultimate trophy room is built, and the masterpiece stands mightily on its supports.

We know what you're going to say. The FW28 wasn't exactly a masterpiece, by Formula 1 standards. Mark Webber and Nico Rosberg together scored just 11 points in the 2006 season, driving the FW28. After 18 miserable rounds with no podiums and a highest placing of 6th, Williams finished 8th in the Constructors' Championship. At the time that was the team's lowest position since its inaugural season in 1978. But, for us at least, any Formula 1 car is a masterpiece, by automotive standards.

There's another point of contention regarding this particular car being a masterpiece or not, since this FW28 has no engine and no gearbox. "Ah, it's just a rolling chassis. Those aren't that special," you'll say. And it's true that, for people with enough money - these cars can cost from under $100,000 to a few hundreds of thousands - getting your hands on a rolling chassis isn't that big of a deal. The Internet is full of them. But this one in particular, while it might not be very expensive, has a nice story behind it, which makes it valuable.

According to the owner, he wasn't gunning for a particular car. He tried to get in touch with all the F1 teams to see if maybe they had any old car for sale. Williams was the only one to respond. And not only did this FW28 come straight from Williams, it's apparently not a show car or a test car or anything like that. This exact FW28 is the one raced by 2016 World Champion Nico Rosberg in his rookie season. That has to count for something, right?

Also, as many of you will notice and as many Redditors have already pointed out, the tires are the wrong ones. The owner says he hasn't done any modifications to the car, it's exactly how he got it from Williams and it was impossible for him to find four period-correct tires for it. If you also have doubts about the steering wheel, look it up and you'll find that Williams did indeed use this type during the first part of the season, before an unusual mid-season update.
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