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Here's an Old Freightliner Semi Doing a Massive Burnout, Because Why Not

Burnouts are a spectacular way to showcase powerful cars and a necessary trick when racing at the drag strip. Doing burnouts in a semi truck, on the other hand, is completely unnecessary, but it's an entertaining way to raise hell and a big cloud of smoke. This old Freightliner truck proves a useless yet entertaining point.
Freightliner FLD semi doing burnouts 6 photos
Freightliner semi truck doing burnoutsFreightliner semi truck doing burnoutsFreightliner semi truck doing burnoutsFreightliner semi truck doing burnoutsFreightliner semi truck doing burnouts
Semi trucks may be large and heavy, but they usually come with big-displacement engines that pack a lot of power and even more torque. Because hauling big trailers requires a whole lot of oomph. This Freightliner, likely saved from a junkyard, may look beat-up, but it still has what it takes to spin all eight tires until it clouds itself into smoke. All while spewing black smoke through its shortened, hood-exiting exhaust pipe. I guess someone doesn't care much about the environment.

This Freightliner appears to be an FLD-series model. A conventional Class 8 truck, the FLD was produced from 1987 to 2010 in various configurations. It replaced the FLC series and adopted a more aerodynamic look with skirted sides and curved bumpers and fenders. However, Freightliner also offered a classic-look variant with a boxy hood and fenders.

FLD trucks came with Detroit engines, some of which are still in production in various forms as of 2021. For instance, the company's range-topping DD16 mill for Severe Duty trucks cranks up to 600 horsepower and up to a whopping 2,050 pound-feet (2,779 Nm) of torque. The inline-six displaces no less than 952 cubic inches (15.6 liters)

This FLD is obviously not as powerful as Freightliner's latest-generation trucks, but it's still an unusual way to get your daily burnout fix.

The video below is quite long, so if you're here just for the rubber burning make sure you skip to the 22-minute mark. If you're actually into heavy-duty semis, you might as well enjoy the entire footage, which shows some interesting upgrades made under the hood.

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