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Here's a Video Tour of Rotary Powered Car Heaven

Many car shows and gatherings have been cancelled this year, but in a few cases organisers have managed to come up with a solution for more effective social distancing so as they could actually go on with their plans.
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Japan has been a sort of heaven for car enthusiasts for over 3 decades now, and even though things have certainly slowed down a bit this year, some events have pulled through, and so we can get our dose of eye candy even from afar.

Every year, on the 7th of July, rotary engine enthusiasts celebrate 7's Day by taking their prized cars to gatherings, which usually tend to occur either at the race track or in designated car parks.

Thankfully there's always someone around with a camera to shoot the ongoing action, and just a few days ago, Aussie YouTuber Alexi Smith, better known to the public as Noriyaro, managed to attend a very special meet in the city of Shibukawa.

Alexi has been living in Japan for several years now, and has managed to shoot some very special cars and events over the years, but this time he might just have reached the epitome of rotary engine madness.

The RX-7 is already becoming a very rare car with each passing day, with only about 800,000 units being made in between 1978 and 2002, and who knows how many of them are still in working condition. In his video, Alexi checks out the scene where several hundred rotary powered vehicles are parked alongside each other, and some of them are extremely rare to say the least, like the Le Mans legend that is the Mazda 767B.

Or the ultra-special Greddy VI, a one-off concept based on the Autozam AZ-1 , but now featuring a 20B triple rotor engine, with a Porsche 962C suspension and Ferrari F40 brakes. While the majority of the cars are FDs (3rd generation RX-7), FCs (2nd generation RX-7) and of course RX-8s, there are also the occasional RX-3s and Cosmos. Alexi also gets to chat to a few of the owners, and some of them have owned these cars for over 20 years! Talk about commitment to the brand!

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