Here Is the Fastest, Longest-Range Jet That Gulfstream Ever Produced

Gulfstream has recently added a new business jet to its ultramodern fleet: the G800. Set to eventually replace the company's G650ER, the new plane is currently the longest-range aircraft in Gulfstream's history.
Gulfstream unveiled its longest-range business jet, the G800 8 photos
Gulfstream G800Gulfstream G800Gulfstream G800Gulfstream G800Gulfstream G800Gulfstream G800Gulfstream G800
The ultra-long-haul G800 was unveiled on October 4th by Gulfstream president Mark Burns in front of a live audience at the company's Savannah headquarters, and via a global virtual broadcast on the company's  social media channels.

Jumping straight into the specifications of the G800, Gulfstream says that its plane offers customers the longest range in its entire fleet, being capable of traveling up to 8,000 nautical miles (9,206 miles/14,816 km). If the incredible range alone is not impressive enough, this jet is also incredibly fast.

The G800 can reach a speed of Mach 0.85, and 7,000 nautical miles (8,055 miles/12,964 km) range at nine-tenths of the speed of sound. The aircraft shares some elements with the G700 private jet as it is powered by the same high-thrust Rolls-Royce Pearl 700 turbofan engines, wings, and winglet introduced on its long-range sibling. However, it comes with enhanced fuel efficiency and more city-pair capabilities than the G700.

As for its interior, the jet can comfortably seat 19 passengers in the typical passenger layout and has plenty of room, offering up to four living areas with a crew compartment. Among other features, people will benefit from fresh, never recirculated air with the Gulfstream Cabin Experience, low noise levels, and up to 16 panoramic oval windows.

Gulfstream equipped its plane with new tech such as the Symmetry Flight Deck, which features electronically linked active control sidesticks (a first for the company) and extensive use of touch-screen technology with 10 touch-screen displays. It also comes with the integrated Data Concentration Network that the company introduced on the G500/G600.

There are also dual head-up displays in the cockpit that feature a combined vision system (CVS). This will increase pilot situational awareness and offer access to more airports. The G800 performance capabilities will also allow it to take off from short-field airports and challenging locations.

Gulfstream expects customer deliveries for the ultralong-range G800 to start in 2023.

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