Here Are Some of the Most Expensive Billionaire Toys, According to Supercar Blondie

The world hosts an infinite number of adventures that you can try, if only you can afford them. Supercar Blondie compiled a list of the most expensive billionaire toys, and we’re talking yachts, watercraft, and even the most expensive watch in the world.
Supercar Blondie and Foiler Yacht 20 photos
Photo: YouTube / Supercar Blondie
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People have a weird relationship with billionaires. When you mention that term, some get automatically upset, but equally fascinated, as they think of several famous names like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk or Richard Branson. They are some of the richest people on Earth, and are also in the spotlight a lot. But there are so many more we don’t know about out there.

As of 2021, there are 2,755 billionaires in the world, according to the 35th annual Forbes List, which includes 660 more members than it did in 2020. Their total wealth reaches $13.1 trillion, and 86% of them saw an increase in their wealth since last year.

So how do these people spend their fortune? One might think that definitely not on taxes, but Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk would disagree with you. But let's check out what Supercar Blondie added to her list.

$50,000 RC Sukhoi Jet - The jet is a scale replica of an actual fighter jet. Some RC planes run on jet fuel, can reach speeds of 310 mph (499 kph), and can accelerate faster than some supercars.

RC Sukhoi Jet
Photo: YouTube / Supercar Blondie
Most of them are a lot cheaper though. Recently, Rick Ross (who is not a billionaire, but a millionaire), asked fans to help him fly a remote-controlled plane, a Jet Teng Models F-16C FW 264 Indiana. This one doesn't have such a high price tag, selling for just around $2,000.

$100,000 Aston Martin toy car  - This one is the most expensive and the most advanced toy cars out there, in essence a scaled-down, fully functional replica of James Bond’s car in Goldfinger.

$150,000 Seabreacher - For fun adventures out at sea, this shark-like jet ski combined with a submarine has enough seats for two people. And it’s able to swim like one, too. The shark’s mouth is actually a see-through window, and the fins are used to control the movement of the watercraft.

Photo: YouTube / Supercar Blondie
It can dive five feet (1.5 m) underwater, and it’s powered by a Rotax four-stroke engine putting out from 230 to 300 horsepower, depending on the model.

$250,000 Shaman 8x8 truck - This monster on wheels can crab-walk and drive on water. Which is similar to the watercars like Panther Amphibious Car, but a bit pricier.

$1,000,000 Foiler boat - We know by now that yachts are sort of the equivalent of supercars, but on water. The more expensive, the better. Celebrities all spend their time on expensive yachts, and many of them own one.

Supercar Blondie and Foiler Yacht
Photo: YouTube / Supercar Blondie
But this 2020 Foiler yacht can glide above water, based on its fly mode that can activate the foils and deploy the propellers to make it look like it’s actually flying.

$2,000,000 electric private plane - It’s a bit difficult to think of someone with a net worth over one billion dollars who would travel coach, or even first class. Most of them go for private planes, be it Gulfstream or Boeing. But, in the future, the planes will also be electric, while still offering the ultimate VIP treatment. Such a thing hasn’t been launched to the public just yet, but there are plans in place for that to happen in the upcoming years.

$4,000,000 Renault Trezor - Renault isn't be one of the brands you’d expect to casually drop a futuristic car worth millions of dollars, but this concept car with a detachable upper half was never meant to be produced. As a result, there’s only one in this world, hence, highly collectible. It also received an award for the most beautiful car in 2017.

Renault Trezor
Photo: YouTube / Supercar Blondie
$50,000,000 Lady Li mega yacht - With a length of 164-feet (50 m) and four decks, it’s a true picture of richness. It includes a $200,000 two-floor chandelier, a sofa that can rotate, and it can sleep ten guests in its very comfortable and spacy cabins.

$130,000,000 Bitcoin watch - Currently, the most expensive watch is the Grandmaster Chime 6300A, with only one model in stainless steel ever made. It was created for the OnlyWatch charity, and sold for $31 million in 2019. But Supercar Blondies’ video features a Bitcoin watch by Frank Muller, called Vanguard Encrypto as number one on her list, and claims to be worth $130 million.

Some of the above possessions look indeed very fun, and their price may be justified, at least in some cases, and none of us would be surprised seeing a billionaire, or even a millionaire, owning any item from this list.

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