Here Are Eight Things You Didn't Know Your Tesla Can Do

Tesla makes some of the most efficient battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) that are currently available on the market. But the best thing about them is not the conserving energy part – it’s the impressive technology! Now let’s look at a couple of features that might improve your ownership experience or convince you to buy one.
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Tesla Model YTesla Model YTesla Model YTesla Model Y2020 Tesla Model Y Performance (Tesla number 1,000,000)Tesla Model Y interiorTesla Model Y interiorTesla Model Y interiorTesla Model Y interiorTesla Model Y interiorTesla Model Y interior
Tesla currently has four vehicles in its portfolio. The Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y are all equally important for the manufacturer. However, in some markets, the Model Y crossover SUV is what surprised competitors and, dare we say, even Tesla itself. It’s currently on track to become one of the world’s best-selling vehicles. That’s saying something, considering some years ago, most people were mocking the American EV maker for choosing the all-electric route.

Of course, Tesla has long been the center of attention in the automotive world. The company’s decision to give people access to unfinished software in exchange for a lot of cash is deemed somewhat controversial. Another issue some have with the brand is that it keeps delaying its most awaited models like the Semi, the Cybertruck, or the Roadster. The quality control department also made a couple of mistakes in the past and gave the green light to many vehicles that should have never left the factory floor. The automaker’s service centers are also not something a lot of customers can praise, even though Elon Musk has been heard saying that he intends to turn it into an F1-like experience. People were even mad about the decision to remove the ultrasonic sensors!

However, despite the many issues brought forward by customers and the media, Tesla continues to push on and shine as the world’s most valuable carmaker. Eventually, it could even succeed with its plans for self-driving technology, and such a feat could propel it next to Apple in terms of market capitalization.

Tesla Model Y
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But until then, let’s look at the many things a Tesla can do. Some features could come in handy.

A world of possibilities

Starting small, if you want to turn off or on the A/C, then you don’t need to bring the whole menu up on the center screen. Just press and hold the fan or temperature icon (depending on what version of the software you’re running), and it will perform the desired function. Similarly, if you want to change the temperature, just press, hold, and then drag it left or right. The latter is also applicable for the volume if you don’t want to use the scroll wheel.

Next, this feature is found in most of the EVs that are currently for sale. But it’s good to know that if your Tesla’s battery state of charge is close to 0%, you won’t be stranded right away. There’s a buffer! For example, a recent test done with a Model 3 with an LFP battery proved the vehicle can keep going for around 35 mi (56 km) more after 0% was shown on the infotainment.

Thanks to Tesla vehicles being “computers on wheels,” the software is constantly improving. That is why now most owners can keep the one-pedal driving on even when the vehicle’s battery is fully charged. All the owner has to do is press the “Apply Brakes When Regenerative Braking is Limited” button in the Pedals&Steering menu. Previously, regenerative braking would not work if the battery was nearly full or too hot, which made one-pedal driving impossible. Now, the cars can apply the physical brakes by themselves when the driver lifts their foot off the acceleration pedal keeping one-pedal driving possible in virtually any scenario.

Tesla Model Y interior
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In the same “computer on wheels” category falls the ability to change the Autopilot speed to exactly what the speed limit is by touching the road sign symbol on the center display that appears in the top left part of the screen. Instead of going through one mph or five mph increments, you can just press this icon, and the car will adjust itself accordingly.

Versatility is the name of the game

Parking in your home’s garage could be problematic if you want to open the trunk without worrying about it scraping the ceiling or other things. But there’s a simple solution! Park in an unrestricted space (like in front of your garage), get out of the car, open the trunk all the way up, manually adjust it to the desired height, and then press and hold the trunk close button until a beep is heard. The next time the trunk is opened, it will stop exactly at that height.

If you are rushing somewhere and need the navigation to work, then you can set the destination on your phone first and then send it to the car via your phone’s share function. It will be on the main screen in a jiffy, and you’ll be able to drive off at once.

Another handy feature is the fact that you don’t have to completely come to a stop to change gears. If the vehicle’s speed is 5 mph or less, then you can switch from Drive to Reverse with no worries. In heavy urban traffic, this could become helpful very fast and make parking a lot easier.

Even though Tesla vehicles are a bit different from conventional ones, they still have a parking brake – sort of. When P mode is selected, the vehicle applies the rear brakes to immobilize itself. One good thing about this option is that if the front brakes somehow fail (and regenerative braking isn’t available or enough), the rear ones can be accessed while driving by pressing and holding the P button found on the right stalk.

Finally, we hope this helped you with finding a couple of new things to do with your Tesla. If you have any other useful suggestions, then don’t forget to share them below. Fellow drivers will most likely be grateful.
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