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Hemi Guy Decides to Use V8 Power Instead of Shovel, Snow Loses the Battle

It's difficult not to notice how Americans are less willing than ever to fight the effects of the snow storm that hit the country over the weekend. Zooming in on the way drivers treat the traditional "unboxing" required after a night of blizzard is enough to give you a good idea of the phenomenon.
Hemi Guy Decides to Use V8 Power Instead of Shovel 1 photo
While earlier today we showed you a Prius owner who is offering his car on Craigslist for $100 and a dig-out job, we are now back on the subject to talk about a Hemi driver.

We're referring to the man behind the wheel of the Dodge Durango in the video below. Like any driver whose car was visited by the caprices of the cold season, the man had to turn to a shovel in order to set his car free. And then posted his feat on Reddit.

Judging by the presence of the digging tool, the guy probably started out the operation the old fashioned way, but he soon decided to give up, turning to his Hemi for assistance.

That's right - the Dodge driver used his SUV as a snow plow, maneuvering the vehicle back and forth until he managed to bring the car out of the parking spot.

All-wheel-drive and winter tires aside, a part of the credit for this goes to the 5.7-liter V8 under the hood. While this may be the basic 360 hp form of the modern-day Hemi, it's still enough to get the Durango out of its frozen parking spot.

As redundant as it may sound, we feel the need to add the "do not try this at home" disclaimer, at least for those who care about the condition of their vehicles.

While any car deserves to be treated with respect, this is even more relevant for the Durango seen here. For one thing, Dodge has discontinued the model for 2016. Don't worry, though, this will be replaced by a Jeep Grand Wagoneer, so your three-row transportation needs will still be catered to.

P.S.: This story reminds us of the "What Can You Hemi" Competition, which saw people using a 5.7-liter hemispherical power for just about anything, from paper shredders to barbecues.

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