Hellcat Swapped Dodge Dart Demon Was Forged in the Red Abyss of Hades (Not Really)

Dodge Demon Hellcat Swap 14 photos
Photo: High Octane Classics
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The Dodge Demon is a name that has a special place in the hearts of Mopar fans. It appeared in a not insignificant capacity in both the classic and modern era of American muscle cars to become an icon from both time periods.
So what do you think happens when someone takes the classic body shell of a 1972 Dodge Dart Demon and inserts a modern SRT Hellcat engine? If you thought the answer was pure Mopar bliss, the answer is yes. This custom restomod comes to us via High Octane Classics of Auburn, Massachusettes, and ticks every single box a red-blooded American gearhead could possibly ask for.

A classic, timeless body with an almighty supercharged modern V8 titan under the hood that exceeds the wildest dreams of drag racing junkies from the 1960s. It all sounds so gosh darn wonderful, and the photos only validate this belief.

In its day, a fourth generation Dodge Dart, on which the Dart Demon is based, could come with a range of six and eight-cylinder engines ranging in size from 170-cubic inches (2.8-liters), all the way up to the gargantuan 440-cubic inch (7.2-liter) V8 in a very limited run of 1969 Dart GTS models. Said Dart GTS cranked out 375 hp (380 PS) and 440 lb-ft (597 Nm) of torque, which is no small figure.

But even the mightiest 60s V8 is left trembling at the awe-inspiring 6.2-liter supercharged SRT Hellcat V8 that serves as the flagship engine for all of Chrysler/SRT in 2022. With 707 hp on offer and less than 3,000 miles (4,828.3) on the odometer, this gem is barely even broken in. There are no carburetors or distributor gremlins to deal with on the new engine, to boot.

19723 Dodge Demon Hellcat
Photo: High Octane Classics
All that vicious American horsepower is fed through a GM 4L80-E automatic transmission fitted with a TCI electronic transmission controller to an undisclosed differential waiting at the rear wheels.

The tires at the front end are Cooper Radial GTs paired with Cragar Mag alloy wheels all around, while the rear axle wears Mickey Thompson slicks. There are no official dyno figures or performance data associated with this restomod, but we have it on good authority the Charger and Challenger Hellcat this engine comes from can sprint from zero to 60 in 3.25 seconds and blitz a quarter mile in 10.5 seconds at 131 mph (210.8-kph).

Considering a Hellcat "Challie" is in the ballpark of 1500 pounds (680.3 kg) heavier than this Dart Demon, we'll let you do the math as to how fast this beast is. Upgrades to the overall package include an in-tank fuel pump, electric fan system, comfort-oriented Calvert Shocks, and a full weatherproof undercoating with a ceramic coating of the interior and exterior for added protection from the elements.

peaking of the interior, this car is as clean and tasteful on the inside as it is outside and under the hood. It's tough to say whether everything inside this Dart Demon's interior is completely OEM, but we'd certainly believe it if it were mentioned in the listing.

19723 Dodge Demon Hellcat
Photo: High Octane Classics
Mopar's iconic three-pronged steering wheel found its way into many cars across the Chrysler-Mopar lineup, as did the wood-veneer paneling on the dashboard. The radio also appears to be stock. Which, in a way, feels more appropriate than some Sony, Panasonic, or whatever-brand MP3/infotainment unit.

Do you want Google Maps? Try reading an actual map, why don't you? At least, that vibe emanates from every orifice of this classic interior. The price for this restomod piece of magnificence? That'll be $74,900 before taxes and fees. You could probably buy a three-year-old Challenger Hellcat for the same money. It just won't be anywhere near as special as this is.
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