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Hellcat-Powered Dodge Power Wagon School Bus Looks Like a Sleeper

To be honest, if Fiat Chrysler can't resist the temptation to Hellcat machines that aren't Challengers or Chargers, why would custom car lovers remain inside the box? Well, I've brought along one of the sweetest Hellcat build we've discussed to date, one that does stick to the Dodge badge.
Hellcat-Powered Dodge Power Wagon School Bus 5 photos
Hellcat-Powered Dodge Power Wagon School BusHellcat-Powered Dodge Power Wagon School BusHellcat-Powered Dodge Power Wagon School BusHellcat-Powered Dodge Power Wagon School Bus
However, while this vehicle does come from the brothers, it's safe to say it predates the Hellcat motor by quite a bit. And that's because we're talking about a Dodge Power Wagon, one that comes in School Bus form. So we're talking rara avis here.

Tracing its roots back to the 1930s military trucks, the civilian Power Wagon was introduced back in 1946 as an all-paw, medium duty machine.

In factory form, the workhorse came with a 2xx ci flat-sixes, so the early modes had to make due with under 100 ponies.

Well, the muscle rating on this bad body is obviously something else. With 707 hp on tap, this contraption gives a whole new meaning to the Power Wagon badge - helmet tip to ‎Dan PW Bader‎ for bringing this machine to our attention.

And it's not just the engine that sets this four-wheeled monster apart. Zoom in on the cabin and you'll notice Bomber seats, along with hardwoord floors and a Plexiglas section that allows one to check out the rear diff.

Nevertheless, exploding Demon rear diffs mean we can't be sure about the safety provided by the transparent piece. Then again, if you take a look at the tires of the Dodge, you'll notice these aren't exactly the super-sticky kind, so maybe traction-related questions should be asked first.

The said aficionado also delivered the story of the build: "What is really cool is that he [the owner] went to the original town this bus was from and found the adults who rode in this bus in the 50's and gave them a ride in it once he got it finished,"

It looks like the project is going to be displayed at SEMA this year (think: early November), so we'll get to see more of this splendid restomod job.


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