Hellcat Drag Races VW Beetle Sleeper, Result Is Surprising

Let's say you happen to find yourself behind the wheel of a Dodge Charger Hellcat, with a drag strip surrounding you. A Volkswagen Beetle lines up next to you - should you be worried? Well, the reasons is, probably, yes, since no Bug driver in his or her right mind would take on a 707 horsepower sedan without some proper modding.
Hellcat Drag Races VW Beetle Sleeper 5 photos
Hellcat Drag Races VW Beetle SleeperHellcat Drag Races VW Beetle SleeperHellcat Drag Races VW Beetle SleeperHellcat Drag Races VW Beetle Sleeper
And we're not here to discuss this on a theoretical level. Instead, I've brought along a piece of footage that showcases a quarter-mile encounter between the said Mopar machine and the Beetle.

I'm not aware of the tech setup found on the Vee-Dub and yet it's clear that this little machine packs quite the tricks.

And while a trained eye might find a few clues towards the extra performance of the contraption, these still aren't enough to tip one on the sprinting might of the retro toy. In fact, we can label this VW as a sleeper, which is the best part of the machine.

Oh, and let's not forget about the color of the little Volkswagen, which would make the Pink Panther happy. Of course, the hue of the tiny VW only means the audience pays even more attention to drag races such as the one we have here, which is probably one of the reasons for which the color has been chosen.

Then again, the aficionado behind the wheel of the Dodge Charger Hellcat didn't simply driver the four-door from the showroom to the drag strip.

And the 1/4-mile time of the Hellcat talks about modest mods - while I won't throw spoilers at you by dropping the said number here, I'll remind you that the stock super-sedan needs 11 seconds flat to complete the 1,320 feet task.

Regardless of the details of each vehicle, this is the kind of drag race that puts on a show and we have to applaud it.

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