Helio’s HE3 Series Travel Trailers: So Light It Can Be Towed Behind a Motorcycle

What makes a camper desirable? Is it the price, the versatility, or because they offer us a constant taste of nature? Depending on whom you ask, all the above, maybe even more. Take this travel trailer as an example to consider when searching for something of the sort.
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Photo: Helio RV
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Ladies and gents, Canada is known to be quite a wild place. To offer people a chance to get out and see the wilder things in life, Helio, an RV manufacturer from Quebec, decided they would be the team to offer an ultra-light, durable, and ecological travel trailer that isn’t going to leave you scrounging for pennies at the pump, nor will you need to replace your existing vehicle to own one of their products.

What you’ll be getting to know today is the HE3 series campers; a family of trailers so light that they’re even able to be towed behind a motorcycle. At least that’s what the manufacturer states on their website. However, three models exist for this series and the lightest, the HE3S, comes in with a dry weight of just 389 lbs (176 kg).

The remaining two models aren’t much heavier either, with the HE3S+ coming in with a 456-lb (206-kg) dry weight, and the HE3C, the largest of the bunch, at 605 lbs (274 kg). Depending on the size of your motorcycle and motor, I could believe it, but better make sure to add brakes to your HE3. Oh wait, electronic brakes are standard on all but the HE3S.

Helio HE3 Travel Trailer
Photo: Helio RV
One reason Helio stands out from other trailer companies is because they put a good deal of work into each trailer. Every camper is completed to yield a 100% molded monocoque fiberglass body and set upon an aluminum frame. With independent suspension, rear stabilizer, and a max tongue weight of 69 lb, the HE3 trailers sure look promising.

Seeing as how most folks will be spending quite the amount of time in their camper, know that the only model that includes insulation in its construction is the HE3C. Whether insulation is optional for the remaining two models is not clear.

Most folks that like to travel by trailer usually end up needing some sort of electricity to run features and even recharge devices. Exterior outlets, Zamp solar sidewall port, 120-volt/30-amp battery supply, and converter with 30-amp charger are standard for all models.

Helio HE3 Travel Trailer Interior
Photo: Helio RV
As for comfort features, some units include an AC while others include just a variable speed roof vent, or both. Interior LED lighting, convertible sofa bed, fabric upholstery, and a maintenance-free floor are among some features found. Plenty of storage is also available for your knick-knacks.

As far as size is concerned, each trailer has the same dimensions with the only difference being exterior height. With a length of 132 in (335 cm), fender-to-fender width of 68 in (172 cm), and interior height of 48 in (121 cm), each of these trailers will offer more than enough room for two adults to sleep comfortably.

To push the boundaries of your outdoor experience, Helio does offer some options. Outside the trailer, an awning tent with a connector can be opted for, and even a 100-watt portable solar panel, or simply, some 3M film protection added to the front of the trailer. Inside, on the other hand, a 19-inch (48-cm) entertainment center is something you can choose as well.

Helio HE3 Travel Trailer
Photo: Helio RV / YouTube Screenshot
Now for the all-important question: how much is one of these going to cost you? Well, it’s a bit hard to say really, as the manufacturer’s website doesn’t include any sort pricing info. However, there are dealerships that are selling these puppies starting at less than $15,000 (€12,730 at current exchange rates). No joke!

Is there really anything else I need to say to get you to consider one of these babies for your next trailer acquisition? Yeah, I didn’t think so. It’s light, it’s affordable, and built like much more expensive products. About time, monocoque constructions became more accessible.

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