Head of Design at Volkswagen China Created a Portable Air Cleaner You May Like

Head of Design at Volkswagen China Created a Portable Air Cleaner You May Like 1 photo
Photo: Kickstarter
When he’s not busy sketching new car concepts, Head of Design at Volkswagen China Simon Loasby is working with cutting-edge technology that keeps people healthy. Squair has recently unveiled what they call a world’s first air cleaner that combines High-efficiency particulate arrestance (HEPA) and Carbon filter with state-of-the-art non-thermal plasma technology. It cleans air.
It was just the other day we were telling you about China’s huge problem with air pollution. According to a study conducted by Berkeley Earth, 1.6 million people die in the communist country every year because of it. Quite frightening, right? Well, it is, and what’s worse the problem is present on most of the planet. Sure, the difference in proportions is quite significant, but as long as we’re talking about pollution the quality of air will most likely be affected.

Since the politicians are regularly busy fighting each other or rather taking care of their own interest, we may as well look for a way to survive without a mask. At least, that seems to be the way this start-up thinks, considering they are promoting this alternative solution. What is the difference to other such devices? Well, there are plenty. For starters, it’s a lot smaller, so little it can fit in the cup holder of the car. Then, it appears to use top-notch technology.

Its creators are even considering future collaborations with automakers that would include this air cleaner as an optional feature customers could opt for. If not, they could always order one for themselves straight from the company. Until then, however, they launched their idea on Kickstarter, just to spread the word and to see what the feedback is.

Squair claims they are the only company using powerful Non-Thermal Plasma to provide clean air by fighting problematic issues such as pollution, smoke, pollen, odors, mold and other harmful substances and gasses. It may be the size of a beer can, but it is capable of cleaning up 38 cubic feet or 1 cubic meter per minute with super silent fans.

An estimated price of $320 per unit

Add a smooth, titanium zinc alloy design, air sensor satellite measuring PM 2.5, gases and temperature and Bluetooth or WiFi connection to an app and you get the bigger picture. They also enhanced the device with simple and intuitive filter exchange function that allows you to quickly pull out the old and insert a new filter cassette.

Further details are available on their Kickstarter page, but you’ll want to know you can pledge for one unit with EUR170 ($190 at the current exchange rate) or wait for it to hit the market and pay EUR280 ($320 at the current exchange rate).

Now, if we could only find a way for those who don’t have a car to breathe without a gas mask in the years to come...

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