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Hawker 4000 and Cessna Citation Sovereign to Get Next-Gen Data Communications Capabilities

Textron Aviation and Honeywell Aerospace are working together to create an exclusive program for Hawker 4000 and Cessna Citation Sovereign aircraft outfitted with Honeywell Primus Epic integrated avionics. With the new program, pilots will be able to communicate with air traffic controllers with the touch of a button.
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Hawker 4000Cessna Citation SovereignCessna Citation SovereignCessna Citation SovereignHawker 4000
The new Future Air Navigation Systems (FANS 1/A+) and Protected Mode Controller Pilot Data Link Communication (CPDLC) upgrades will replace traditional voice communications used by pilots and traffic air controllers in standard operating procedures with data/text messaging, allowing for easier communication.

This not only improves communication but also boosts pilot heads-up time, frees up VHF voice transmission bandwidth for more critical communications, and minimizes voice readback errors. CPDLC works in a similar way to SMS text messaging. It uses prescribed text messages, allowing pilots and air traffic controllers to quickly and efficiently request and authorize flight plan changes and clearances.

“Having the ability to communicate quickly and effectively with ATC is one of the highest priorities in the cockpit,” said Brian Rohloff, senior vice president at Textron Aviation.

“The FANS 1/A+ and Protected Mode CPDLC upgrade brings the latest data communications technology to our Hawker 4000 and Citation Sovereign operators, and we remain committed to continuing to expand the capabilities for all of our products,” he added.

The new program also enables trajectory-based operations, improves re-routing around bad weather and traffic congestion, and prioritizes departure clearances, which can save several minutes of waiting time before takeoff.

Hawker 4000 and Cessna Citation Sovereign aircraft flying across Europe will also be able to use the Protected Mode CPDLC to get the same benefits of air traffic control prioritizing, delay avoidance, and optimal flight lengths as aircraft flying in the U.S.

The collaboration between Textron Aviation and Honeywell on this project provides customers with a cost-effective way to update the Data Link capabilities of these aircraft and reduces installation time and certification as well.

Textron says that the new upgrade is expected to be available in mid-2022.

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