Have Your Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG Do Push-Ups from a Smartphone App

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It takes a certain type of individual to enjoy physical exercise, and they are pretty hard to find - unless, of course, you look in a gym. But to force that on your car, I swear, it should be considered some kind of cruelty.
It’s easy to do it with a dog: you teach it to sit, then to lie down, and then you give it the two commands alternatively, and voila: doggy push-ups. And as long as you follow all that with a treat, nobody will ever report you.

Unfortunately, it is a lot more complicated with cars, but in all honesty, the trick is just as useless in both cases.

Obviously, you’re going to have to install some sort of air suspension with adjustable ride height. According to the author of the video, this Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG is the only one of its kind (and I’m guessing he’s including regular A-Class Mercedes as well) in the world with an air suspension.

It was done by Plush Automotive, a UK-based tuner specialized in this sort of modifications involving pneumatic systems. This one in particular appears to have three positions to choose from, with the lowest one bringing the car ridiculously close to the ground.

The huge 19-inch wheels (don’t laugh, it’s a compact car so they really are huge) help as well, with even the rims hidden behind the wheel arches when the suspension is lowered to its maximum point. At the opposite end of its run, the A45 AMG barely looks normal, with only an inch or so separating the top of the tire from the wheel arch.

The real fun factor is the smartphone app that allows you to switch between the three settings from a distance. The next time you see somebody leaning on your car will be the perfect occasion for a bit of trolling.

And just to end this on a funny note, see what the cameraman thinks of the A45 AMG once a TVR Tuscan drives by...

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