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Have Lamborghini Gallardo, Will Race (and Crash)

A crashed Lamborghini Gallardo is a sad sight. In this particular case, it’s also a sight that comes to reinforce stereotypes about incredibly powerful exotics and how they’re used in illegal street racing.
Lamborghini Gallardo crashes on flyover in Hong Kong, during alleged street race 1 photo
A couple has been detained by Hong Kong police after a one-vehicle crash on the Western Harbor Crossing in Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong. The accident occurred in the early hours of Sunday and, at a first sight, it seemed like a “straightforward” case of the driver losing control of the car and slamming into the side of the flyover. The only photo made available shows considerable damage to the car. 

There were two people at the scene, South China Morning Post reports: a 39-year-old woman and a 36-year-old man. Both had been hurt in the crash, but their injuries were minor. The woman claimed she’d been driving and the car, a Lamborghini Gallardo coupe, was registered in her name, having bought it in 2009 for the equivalent of $550,000.

After more questioning, police learned that the man was actually at the wheel when the crash happened, which is in itself a warning that something not entirely legal might have been happening. The couple were both taken into custody and are now looking at possible charges of perverting the course of justice. They have since been released on bail but are due to report in court next month.

Meanwhile, the same media outlet notes, a video posted to social media is offering a possible theory on what may have caused the crash and, why, yes, it involves illegal street racing. “An online clip from a dashboard camera in another vehicle in the area at the time of the incident showed more than 10 sports cars racing along the road to the tunnel,” SCMP notes.

Police are yet to confirm whether the video is related to the crash currently under investigation. One comment to the report notes that street racing is common on that section of the flyover and that there’s an “organized group” of supercar drivers who gather here every Sunday in the early morning to race.


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