Have $15K? Find a Used Ambulance and Transform It Into a Mind-Blowing "Campulance"

Imagine for a moment that you’re out camping with your classic travel trailer or mobile home, and along comes some guy with a $15,000 motorhome made out of an ambulance. How do you react? Probably like I did, searching the classifieds for the words “Ambulance for Sale.”
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Photo: Living Big in a Tiny House
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Ladies and gents, there’s a YouTube channel known as Living Big In A Tiny House. As you can imagine, this channel is all about, well, living in a tiny house. Funny enough, most of the projects this team creates include wheels.

Since 2013, Bryce Langston, an established actor, musician, author, environmentalist, and filmmaker, started exploring the tiny house movement as an alternative to living easy at a lower cost than the housing market of New Zealand allows for. Together with Rasa Pescud, a self-taught photographer and videographer who edits all material this crew creates, this team has grown to include over 550 million views on their channel.

One project that hasn’t quite yet seen its final stages is a project known as the Campulance. I’ll give you a few seconds to see if you can deconstruct the word and figure out what this team has in mind. Got it? Good.

So, you have understood that the Campulance is an e-ambulance that has been retired and is now getting ready to see new life as one of the most capable motorhomes I've ever seen for many reasons. The first and most important aspect of this construction is its price. For a mere $15,000 (€12,777 at current exchange rates), Bryce was able to acquire a vehicle that seems like it was destined to be a home on wheels.

The Campulance Interior
Photo: Living Big in a Tiny House / YouTube Screenshot
So what exactly did Bryce purchase? Well, a 2008 Chevy Kodiak 4500 with a 6.6 diesel engine and an Allison transmission, the powerhouse for this future mobile home and even capable of towing a tiny home behind it. But a motor is just a motor; the real beauty of such a vehicle is the rear construction or emergency room.

After removing all identifying features that may represent an emergency vehicle, the team takes us on a tour of all the little features that RV lovers are sure to seek whenever they search for a road-worthy home.

The first thing Bryce mentions is the huge amount of storage the Campulance features. Inside, outside, and all around the vehicle, multiple storage areas that were once used for medical equipment such as gurneys, medical kits, and other gear, are now being redesigned in order to store things like jumper cables, spare tires, tools, and even outdoor kitchen gear.

The Campulance Interior
Photo: Living Big in a Tiny House / YouTube Screenshot
One particular section for storage is even shown in the video below, the gurney storage. The host of the show states that this sort of space is just perfect for a surfboard or other longer gear, but then goes as far as saying that one of these areas could even be transformed into a shower room; better not be claustrophobic.

If you do have a fear of small spaces, then you’ll probably want to spend most of your time inside the cabin as this space seems to be the perfect living space your money can buy, if you’re looking to do a conversion. Why? Well, simple really. Think about what an ambulance is used for.

All those uses, the ability to seat up to multiple people (up to four), countless storage options for medical gear, and even a refrigerator are all features that are standard in the Campulance. Even a power supply and multiple control panels are something medical crews included inside as there is equipment that requires plug-in use. Have a look at the video just to see the endless possibilities.

The Campulance Exterior
Photo: Living Big in a Tiny House
Now, the finished Campulance hasn’t surfaced yet, but Bryce does inform viewers of the plans for this beast. The most changes that will be undertaken are aesthetic changes as most of the interior already meets the needs of a mobile home, but a kitchen and interior bedding are in the plans.

Remember, this vehicle will be a fully blown motorhome, and to make it personal, you will be required to put in some work no matter how “perfect” an RV may appear at first. With plans to make this beast fully solar powered, the perfect motorhome may have just been discovered.

I said it at the beginning of this article, and I'll say it again, now that you know you can find a vehicle like this, with features like this, for just $15,000, what are you doing to plan for your next road trip?

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