Hate for BMW Drivers Killed Former Mayor

It's generally believed that hatred itself brings nothing good, but it seems that hatred against BMW and Mercedes drivers can lead to unjustified dangerous races likely to kill the protagonists.

According to the, a former British mayor died in a car accident last May after racing with a BMW. Robert Cartwright, age 50, was just returning from a date with his fiancé Josephine Gibb whom he promised to give an engagement ring the very next day. However, he didn't manage to keep his promise as he was killed in a car crash after trying to take revenge on the arrogance of BMW and Mercedes drivers.

"He had a thing about BMW and Mercedes drivers saying that it was as if they owned the road," Miss Gibb told the hearing in Hull. "Sometimes it would affect his driving towards them. He would speed up, but not always. If they were driving fast, he felt as if he had to as well," she told the aforementioned source.

But the day of his death seemed to have been extremely furious as he was described as racing in his Suzuki Ignis with a BMW 320 estate driven by Kurt Stansfield, 50, along a one mile stretch of the A1079 dual carriageway, veered into the opposite carriageway, flip into the air and into the path of an oncoming car. Judging by the police modeling of skid marks, Cartwright suddenly braked at 80 mph and had only seconds to try and avoid the oncoming car.

Stansfield was arrested after the car crash being suspected of dangerous driving but he was set free after a police investigation. He told the police he was driving within the limit when Cartwright began to "tailgate" him. "I didn't want to race, I didn't want a competition. He was quite aggressive. I kept thinking 'What is he playing at?'," he added.
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