Has Porsche Roasted Both BMW and Mercedes with Its Happy BMW Centennial Message?

The ad wars are alive and kicking, and while the world has focused on Mercedes-Benz trolling BMW on the Bavarians' centenary anniversary, we prefer to turn our attention to Porsche's way of congratulating the Bimmer people.
Porsche Congradulates BMW on Centenary Anniversary 3 photos
Porsche congratulates BMW on Centenary AnniversaryMercedes-Benz congratulates BMW on Centenary Anniversary
Before moving on to the Zuffenhausen matters we're here to discuss, we'll remind you that, while Mercedes-Benz may have wished BMW a happy anniversary, the Daimler-owned automaker also mentioned "The previous 30 years were actually a bit boring." Pointing out you were three decades ahead doesn't exactly pass as a sweet present, does it?

As for Porsche, the automaker has proved it has learned a key lesson in sportsmanship throughout the process that has turned the company into the most motorsport-savvy brand in the world.

As those of you for whom life wasn't too short to learn German can see in the ad above, which comes from one of the country's newspapers, Porsche said the following: "The future presents us with great challenges. We face them with sheer driving pleasure."

So not only did Porsche give BMW a thumbs up but they also made a reference to the Bavarians' sheer driving pleasure slogan. But do we need to read between the lines here? First of all, allow us to remind you Porsche has a rich trolling tradition when it comes to print ads. But let's focus on the present times.

While Porsche currently has three hybrids, they chose to use the Mission E all-electric concept as a companion for BMW's i8. Sure, the Panamera or the Cayenne S E-Hybrid would've been odd choices, while the 918 Spyder is both out of production and obviously superior to the i8.

But can't we use the last argument for the Mission E? The concept, which will reach production by 2020, makes use of 590 all-wheel-drive electric horsepower, while offering a 310-mile (510 km) range.

We're talking about an EV that saw Porsche hinting at a sub-8-minute Nurburgring time and promises to use an 800-volt charger to provide 80 percent of the range over a 15-minute recharge interval. Basically, the Mission E is the kind of contraption that looks at the BMW i8's otherwise brilliant achievements and says "that's cute."

Does Porsche's effort show Zuffenhausen has just one-upped both BMW and Mercedes with their discreet approach or are we drifting too far into speculation land here? We'll let you be the judge of that.


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