Harley Rider Won't Lean and Crashes in the Woods

They say Harleys are something way different from other bikes... and they're right. Too bad that such a difference seems to count too much when it comes to leaning.
We've seen riders on huge choppers doing things which seemed impossible, but it's not the case for the guy in this movie. Now, we've all crossed the yellow lines once or twice, I'm sure. Even more, in the described situation, nobody could demand of the bikers to cue up behind the van on this narrow road, so the illegal pass could be easily overlooked.

What's happening next is silly and brings nasty consequences. The first rider to pass the van throttles up, as he has enough visibility to see the curve to left... and misses the road. He squeezes the brakes a bit, but doesn't lean at all, therefore crashes in a rather deep valley.

Older bike technology as one meets in a Harley and all, this does not justify at all the rider's lack of response. Even as he passed the van and learned that he was not on the best trace to make the turn, leaning to the right would have been just natural, foot rests and pipes sliding on the road, but he could really make it through.

Now, some might say that he did not see the entire curve ahead: in this case his fault is even bigger, because you usually don't ride where you don't see, do you? Anyway, the stereotyped reactions of the guys in the van were completely annoying and bitterly pathetic. And then driving away tags them as losers. I am also a “cager” so I don't hate drivers unconditionally, but one just doesn't drive away in such a situation.
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