Harley-Davidson Sportster Receives Akrapovic Exhausts

Love your Sportster? We bet you do, so here's a great tip to make it look and perform better: the all-new slip-on exhaust line from Akrapovic, now in both chrome and black.
Sportster Akrapovic Exhausts 3 photos
New Akrapovic exhaust for SportsterNew Akrapovic exhaust for Sportster
These slip-on exhausts are an alternative to the current Akrapovic Sportster system and can be easily retrofitted. These cans offer an unique look for the Harley-Davidson bikes while providing enhanced power and torque and also shaving weight from your bike.

The throttle response is also upgraded and Akrapovic even offers an optional remote switch-operated tone control valve. The new cans are EC-Type approved when used with an optional catalytic converter.

Made from stainless steel to offer extreme resistance to corrosion and oxidation. While the hard chrome-plated version appeals to those in love with the classic attire of bikes, the black option was designed for those who want to step outside the line.

The black slip-ons are coated with a silicone-based compound also containing epoxy, acrylic and polyester stabilizers and hardeners which can take quite a beating. The coating is resistant to color and gloss fade as it was tested for 500 hours at 350 Celsius (662 F) and remains stable even at 550 (1,022 F) centigrade. It just doesn't get any better than this.


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