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Harley-Davidson Introduces CoolFlow Fan For 2017 Tourers and Trikes

Riding a motorcycle isn’t always a “breeze” and sometimes you might have to confront with ordeals like crashing, carrying a lot of gear with you, getting rained on, catching a bee in your helmet or being too hot in the summer. However, if you ride a Harley-Davidson, you might be able to take the latter off the list as the bike maker is releasing the CoolFlow Fan.
H-D CoolFlow Fan 1 photo
Sitting in slow traffic on an H-D touring bike on a summer day, all wrapped in leather and holding two huge hot cylinders between your legs isn’t fun at all. But the CoolFlow Fan is here to make things better as it is supposed to redirect the raising hot air to the ground.

Unlike traditional fan kits that try to cool the engine by blowing air across the cylinders and often onto the rider’s legs, the CoolFlow Fan keeps riders comfortable by drawing heated air away from the rear cylinder and exhaust pipe and directing it toward the ground.

The CoolFlow Fan is almost invisible when mounted on the motorcycle, and features switched On/Off/Auto operation. In the On mode, the fan is active at low speeds, and will turn off when motorcycle speed reaches 40 mph.

As speed lowers, the fan turns back on at 35 mph; this gap is intentional to prevent the fan from cycling on and off when riding close to 40 mph. In Auto mode, the fan gets triggered by a combination of slow vehicle speed and engine/ambient temperatures. The accessory is waterproof and designed for durable performance.

H-D says there is a CoolFlow Fan designed specifically for each 2017 Touring and trike model in their stable. A dealer Digital Technician update is required to complete the installations, while mounting the device on certain models require additional components. So, don’t forget to check with your local dealership for details about fitment on your ride.


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