Harley-Davidson GunShip Is Breakout Gone Dark, And It Looks So Good

There are few objects in this world that cannot be made to look better than stock with just a touch of the proper paint. And nowhere is this more visible than in the world of custom motorcycles, where oftentimes the right hue can do a lot more than tons of custom bits slapped onto the base machine.
Harley-Davidson GunShip 7 photos
Harley-Davidson GunShipHarley-Davidson GunShipHarley-Davidson GunShipHarley-Davidson GunShipHarley-Davidson GunShipHarley-Davidson GunShip
We’ve seen time and again how colors can completely alter the look, stance, and at times even purpose of two-wheelers, but few of the beasts we’ve talked about before can match the power of the ones being cooked up in a French garage called Melk.

These guys are motorcycles tuners, but first and foremost they are paint specialists. That means their main focus is giving the builds coatings impressive enough to make them stick to memory. And the Harley-Davidson Breakout we have here is a perfect example of that.

The project is the shop’s 31st Harley-based build, and wrapped in a color called GunShip Gray – hence the name we chose for the entire machine. That would be a matte shade that spreads on most of the big body parts, like the fuel tank and fenders, to smaller ones, like the rims and rear indicators.

The darkened apparition is offset from place to place by touches of Red Candy, “in order to bring out the opaque side,” and highlighting elements like the logos and lower rockers.

GunShip Gray was sprayed over a mostly stock Breakout, at least in terms of engine (the only change being the fitting of a Vance & Hines exhaust) and overall looks. There is however a rather long list of aftermarket and even custom bits that have made it onto the build, and you can find it all here.

Everyone can have a Breakout transformed into something like this by the guys over at Melk, in exchange for 32,000 euros (about $35.500).


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