Hardcore Zenos E10 S Costs £29,995

Basically a crossbreed between the Caterham 7 and the KTM X-Bow, the Zenos E10 S is a street-legal variant of the track-only E10. If you haven’t heard of this company, we’ll tell you two details that sum up what’s to expect from the Zenos brand: founded by former Caterham CEO Ansar Ali, 4 seconds to 60 mph (96 kilometers per hour) from a standstill.
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After it made its live debut at an auto show in the United Kingdom, the Zenos E10 S now received a sticker price of £29,995 ($45,685 or €38,695 at current exchange rates) including VAT and IVA fee but excluding delivery. Curious about what Zenos throws in for the pounds sterling it charges you for a two-seater vehicle Colin Chapman would be proud of?

Starting with the really important aspects, the 725 kilograms (1,598 lbs) of Zenos E10 S are thrusted up to 135 mph (217 km/h) by a Ford-sourced 2.0 turbocharged engine, packing 250 BHP at 7,000 rpm and 400 Nm (295 lb-ft) at 2,500 revs. If you think that the manual transmission’s shifter and the start button look familiar, you’re not wrong. They come from the current crop of B and C-segment Ford models.

As standard, the base model comes with single skin composite seats, inertia reel lap belts, a 12-volt power socket and amenities like immobilizer, cockpit light, a multi-function LCD touchscreen and separate driver display for good measure. As far as structural rigidity is concerned, the hybrid carbon fiber and aluminium monocoque is aided by a steel rollover and side-impact protection system.
The order books are already open, but do check the options list below if you want the whole nine yards:

• 6-speed transmission
• Limited slip differential
• Zenos composite seat
• Adjustable platform dampers
• Uprated springs and dampers
• Uprated front discs and callipers
• 4 and 6 point race harnesses
• Quick release steering wheel
• Heated driver’s seat
• Heated passenger’s seat
• Tonneau cover
• Zenos composite seats (twin skin)
• Premium colour wings
• Premium metallic colour wings


• Competition steering rack
• Oil cooler
• Uprated master cylinder
• Battery cut-off switch
• Plumbed-in fire extinguisher
• Catalyst bypass (without catalyst)
• Sports exhaust
• Re-packable silencer
• Windscreen with wipers
• ‘Get home’ weather hood
• Flat-floor set up (at factory)
• Bespoke flat-floor track set up (at Coltishall)


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