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Happy World Motorcycle Day Y'all!

A happy World Motorcycle Day to all the riders, their passengers, as well as to all the future and former riders, enthusiasts and those connected in any way with the world of motorcycling!
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In case you didn't know, the 21st of June is the World Motorcycle Day, even though this date has much more resounding celebrations in history that make it a special one since thousands of years ago. The biggest thing that is related to the 21st of June is the fact that it is the longest day of the year, or the summer solstice.

Often referred to as Midsummer, the summer solstice has a long tradition as a festive day ever since Christianity wasn't present in Europe. The pagan mid-summer celebrations have been "ported" into the Christian calendar and were given different connotations, but the day remained a significant one.

With the longest period of daylight in the northern hemisphere, choosing the 21st of June as the World Motorcycling Day does indeed seem like a sensible decision.

Now, the biggest thing about the World Motorcycle Day is that it is so little known internationally. We're looking forward to letting as many people as possible know about this celebration, albeit it's a tad too late this year. People have started to celebrate and make the World Motorcycle Day a special one lately, and we can only hope this will grow bigger.

Talking with your biker fellows about this and spreading the news is, of course, the simplest and one of the most efficient ways to publicize the World Motorcycling Day. With real interest from the riders, we can also expect dealers and, more important, the manufacturers to join hands in making this event grown to a truly planetary scale.

As for today, maybe it's not too late to call your friends, let them know about the World Motorcycling Day and plan a ride late in the evening, with some beers to cool you down once the bikes go silent. Planning to ride in a larger group? Read this riding guide before you do, especially if you're not used to these rides.


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