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Happy 110th Anniversary, Husqvarna!

While all, or at least most eyes, are on Harley-Davidson this year, we have to let the people know, that 2013 is also the 110th anniversary milestone for world-class offroad bike manufacturer Husqvarna.
Happy 110th anniversary, Husky 1 photo
Having fared significantly worse than the Milwaukee manufacturer, Husqvana changed hands and was itself changed a lot during the last two decades. While still producing winning bikes for the enduro segment, Husqvarna account for around 20% of the off-road bikes sold in Europe, with KTM reigning supreme in the 50 percent zone.

After being owned by BMW for the last years and seeing the development of road bikes, Husqvarna was sold to their biggest rival, KTM. Not as a KTM brand, though, but now part of Pierer Industries AG, the company of Stefan Pierer, the main stockholder in KTM.

Pierer was rather clear that he wants to ditch the street bikes currently in production (Tera, Nuda) and make efforts to return the brand to its off-road origin.

While some fear Pierer plans to simply bury Husqvarna or let it slowly die, we know the Austrian has plans for product line expansion in the Indian market, and spending the big bucks to just kill a rather profitable bike segment is not exactly the smartest way to do business.

However, we'd really like to see some fireworks for this anniversary, as Husqvarna really deserves so much more than 2 or 3 pieces in the web journals. Happy Birthday, Husky, whenever it may be!


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