Hamilton Blames Personal Problems for 2011 Title Failure

Lewis Hamilton admitted that he had a hard time concentrating exclusively on the 2010 Formula One title this year due to problems in his personal life. And no, he's most likely not referring to his relationship with pop singer Nicole Scherzinger, but to other issues that have affected his “mood swings” through 2010.

The 2008 world champion revealed all this stuff in a recent interview with the BBC, but did not go into specifics. However, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to put some things together, as the beginning of the year witnessed the termination of his management relationship with his father Anthony. After a lifetime in racing spent under the guidance of his father, Lewis benefited only from McLaren management in 2010.

The personal life, the way things have gone have not been as smooth and as happy as they could have been in the past and to do what I do is a combination of many, many things that are surrounding you,” said Hamilton in the aforementioned interview.

It's not just arriving at the race track and driving, it's your appearances, it's your mood swings, it's the people that are around you - your family and your friends - and the time that you are able to give to them and the relationship that you have with them.”

As soon as some of those things are off, and you've not got all those pieces of the puzzle in place, it makes it very hard to do other aspects of your life as easily. The key I think to life is getting all those pieces of the puzzle in place.”

In Australia, the second race of the 2010 season, Hamilton was involved in an incident on the streets of Melbourne – he was fined by the police for doing donuts on the boulevard – which severely damaged his image Down Under.

As far as the future goes, the McLaren racer has one thing in mind: not to let distractions get in the way of his racing career. And he picked a fellow sportsman as an example to follow in 2011.

I look at the likes of Tiger Woods. He's had many, many things that have had an impact on him this year, but he still plays, he still pars it, he still gets birdies. But that to him is a bad year, but to other people when everything is right he is amazing.”
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