Hamann Ferrari 599 Gets Snake Skin Wrap

The owner of the Ferrar 599 in the adjacent video wanted his Prancing Horse to be more special than others, way more special than others.
Thus, he placed the supercar in Hamann's hands, who fitted the vehicle with various goodies. However, this was not enough for the owner. It was this point in the car's life that it reached the point of no return, a point where its appearance would be dramatically changed, not necessarily improved.

The now Hamann Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano was wrapped in a material that perfeclty imitates... snake skin. The vehicl now comes with a three-color finish, with the snake skin wrap's blue being mixed with silver, as well as with Hamann's carbon fiber aerodynamic elements.

We feel your pain mighty V12 beast, we really do...


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