Halo Belt Enhances Rider Visibility at Night

Here's the Halo Belt, a nifty safety-focused accessory which can make the difference between being crashed into by a SMIDSY-ist or making it home safely.
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Halo BeltHalo BeltHalo BeltHalo BeltHalo Belt
The Halo Belt is a strip of electroluminescent material which can go pretty much anywhere, on the bike, or worn over regular motorcycle jackets, trousers or even attached to a backpack.

The strips emit a powerful, high-viz glow in blue, green or red, and will make a person easily recognizable from afar, even in the darkest of places.

Needless to say that the better others can see a rider, the safer he or she is and the lesser SMIDSY crashes would occur.

Halo Belt strips come in rechargeable and battery powered versions, with solid and flashing light modes, with kids' and pets' models available, too. Prices start as low as $29 (€21) but you should definitely visit the Halo Belt website for more info.

Via motorbiker


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