Halloween Arrives in GTA Online, New Cars, Double Rewards Now Available for Players

For GTA Online veterans, this is once again that time of the year when they can “reap” amazing rewards by participating in the new Halloween-themed activities. Those who haven’t yet experienced these events, on the other hand, will also have quite a lot of fun in the process.
GTA Online Halloween event 9 photos
Photo: Rockstar Games
GTA Online Halloween eventGTA Online Halloween eventGTA Online Halloween eventGTA Online Halloween eventGTA Online Halloween eventGTA Online Halloween eventGTA Online Halloween eventGTA Online Halloween event
Just like last year, Jack O’ Lanterns are now popping up all over Los Santos, so those who track ten of these pumpkins down will be able to unlock the Horror Pumpkin mask and a daily GTA$50K bonus. Players who manage to collect each and everyone within a one-day period will unlock even more rare items and bonus GTA$, so the more time you invest in this daily activity, the higher the rewards.

Of course, this is just a small chunk of the new Halloween content released this week. A trio of special masks can be unlocked this week by taking part in various activities.

For starters, GTA Online players will have the Conquest mask by simply playing the game this week. Also, players who sign up and enlist their services as a Bodyguard or Associate in an Organization will receive the Brown Vintage Frank mask. The third and last mask that you can win this week, the Dark Green Vintage Vampire mask, can be obtained by completing a Special Cargo Sell Mission.

GTA Online Halloween event
Photo: Rockstar Games
Furthermore, Slasher and Alien survivals will be rewarded with double GTA$ and RP. In this mode, one player will be the Slasher armed with a shotgun and looking to eliminate the Hunted, who are only geared with Flashlights. Hunted who survive 3 minutes will receive shotguns and whoever wipes out the other team within the time limit wins, although everyone will receive double GTA$ and RP.

The Ubermacth Rhinehart, a solid 4-door sedan that’s been voted “Most Comfortable Getaway Car of The Year,” is now available at Southern San Andreas Super Autos. More importantly, seven new Races to the Community Series have been added:

  • Deep Blue by FreelancerX20
  • The Descent of Man - by ElusiveCaesar
  • Sandy Shores Stadium by XTi2mX
  • Open Wheel Sandracing by MrRickster66
  • Suicide Clowns EXTREME! by Ka-Wouter

All those who play any of the races above, as well as any previously featured Community Series selections, will be getting double GTA$ and RP all week long.

GTA Online Halloween event
Photo: Rockstar Games
If you’re looking for a great deal on some of the most iconic GTA Online cars, don’t forget to visit the Premium Deluxe Motorsport showroom, where you can test drive and then buy the following vehicles:

  • The Nagasaki Outlaw (40% off) painted a Classic Silver and equipped with the Large Digital livery
  • A Matte Black version of the Dinka Veto Classic (40% off) wrapped in the Corruption livery
  • The Vapid Dominator GTT (30% off) in Classic Blue, complete with the 70s Street Machine livery
  • A Metallic Cream Karin Kuruma with Paint Drip livery
  • The Vapid Guardian, colored in a Classic Dark Steel

Also, the Ubermacht Rhinehart and the Lampadati Tigon are both on display and available for purchase at the Luxury Autos showroom in Rockford Hills.

GTA Online Halloween event
Photo: Rockstar Games
If you’re feeling lucky, stop by the Diamond Casino, and you can go home with the Pfister Astron. Those who love to race in GTA Online now have the chance to add the Grotti Cheetah to their garage if they win a Pursuit Race two days in a row. Three cars are available at the Test Track for those who want to try before they buy any of them: Pegassi Monroe, Dewbauchee Exemplar, and Enus Huntley S.

Last but not least, Special Vehicle Work missions will reward double GTA$ and RP all week long, on top of unlocking the Trade Prices of vehicles featured therein.
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