Half-Scale Tesla Cybertruck Coming Along Nicely, Prototype Drives

Tesla Cybertruck half-scale 4 photos
Photo: the Hacksmith/YouTube
Tesla Cybertruck half-scaleTesla Cybertruck half-scaleTesla Cybertruck half-scale
You may remember we covered the scratch building of a half-size Tesla Cybertruck and we’re happy to report plenty of progress has been made.
Now while our opinions on how great the Cybertruck really is are split, what’s clear is that it has really caused a stir. So much so that people have fashioned all sorts of vehicles that look like it, some closer to the real thing than others.

And while some of these DIY projects are clearly just made for fun, with no desire to accurately replicate the look of the actual Cybertruck, this project by the Hacksmith aims to create a vehicle that looks exactly like it, only smaller.

In the previous video, the crew working on it cut all of the car’s panels and temporarily welded them together in order to create the basic shape of the body. In the latest video, the body is fully welded up and the front and rear suspension assemblies are fixed in place too.

The half-size Cybertruck will be all-wheel drive, powered by four separate 12 horsepower hub motors mounted within the wheels themselves. Suspension is provided by leaf springs all around and it all actually looks pretty good (in terms of stance) when sitting on the ground.

The track width might be a bit big for the body, and the wheels do stick out laterally quite a bit. However, this is by no means a bad look, even if it’s not exactly what the Cybertruck prototype actually looks like - this scaled down model will try to imitate a lifted Cybertruck running on extra wide tires.

Towards the end of the video, they also place the two seats inside the vehicle and fix them in place and they also start measuring where and how to mount the steering column. They also start grinding away the excess off all the welded edges, to give it that sharp, futuristic look that everybody seems to like.

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