Half-Naked Commuter Covers Himself in Oil, Brings The Entertainment to You

There are worse things you can see on the subway, depending on the city you live in, that’s for sure. One commuter from England took it upon himself to bring some live entertainment to his fellows in suffering, and it makes for one hilarious video.
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Photo: YouTube / SWNS
Teenagers pull dangerous stunt at the Kiev Metro stationTeenagers pull dangerous stunt at the Kiev Metro stationTeenagers pull dangerous stunt at the Kiev Metro stationTeenagers pull dangerous stunt at the Kiev Metro stationTeenagers pull dangerous stunt at the Kiev Metro station
You can see it at the bottom of the page. SWNS says that it was shot a few days ago, on the DLR subway heading to Shadwell. The dude got off before the final destination, at Bank – and he did so without expecting (or receiving) any kind of reaction for his stunt. Those Brits, ever so polite to look the other way when they think someone is embarrassing themselves!

The video shows a man in his underwear and with no shoes on, covering himself in baby oil. Once he’s satisfied at how greasy and slippery he is, he gets up and starts gyrating on the pole. He doesn’t seem bothered at all when he slips on the oily floor and just continues with his routine, as if the fall was a part of the plan all along.

“Onlookers said he swung around the metal pole in the center of the carriage and danced around for four minutes. In true British style, most of the fellow commuters continued to stare at their smartphones or look away while he slipped and slid in the oil left on the floor,” SWNS explains.

“One commuter said when the train came to a standstill at Bank, the semi-nude man simply got off and walked through rush hour crowds, covered in oil, in just his underwear,” the report adds.

So, besides deserving credit for doing something most of us would dread and for bringing the entertainment on the tube, the man also deserves a few points for braving the cold British weather in nothing but his undies and a thick layer of oil. And we both know neither of them offer too much protection from the cold.

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