Half-Carbon Mazda Miata Widebody Looks Like a Downforce Monster

Half-Carbon Mazda Miata Widebody rendering 1 photo
Photo: yasiddesign/Instagram
If you've thrown a glance at the completely reworked Mazda Miata sitting before us and the word "rendering" came to mind, you were right. The aero monster is here to make up for all those times when those who are not in the know looked at the MX-5 and threw a "cute" at the Japanese toy.
As for the first part of the title, well, that refers to the finish of the vehicle alone. After all, it wouldn't help gifting the rear half of the Mazda Miata with a carbon body and the rest with something made out of a heavier material. If anything, that would upset the weight distribution of the front-engined toy.

Regardless, these extreme pixels come from Yasid Oozeear, a digital artist who basically livers to challenge norms and conventions.

And while the kind of aerodynamic tricks seem here might seem exaggerated, such a label would only apply if the machine was used for daily chores.

For instance, if this Mazda was taken to the track, the super-sized aero would only generate an appropriate level of downforce starting from moderate speeds, which is exactly what you want when you're on a quest to impress the stopwatch.

Then again, it's not like this vehicle has maintained its factory muscle. Heck, I'd be surprised if that engine compartment didn't house something at least as powerful as the Hellcat swap that was recently auctioned off in the real world.

In all fairness, the Miata sitting before us is an NA (the original incarnation of the roadster), while the HEMI wielder mentioned above belongs to the NB generation. But you can still use both of them to make non-believers aware of the MX-5's potential.

Of, if you wish to go for something that's even more menacing, this 1,200 horsepower NB Miata, which is animated by a Wankel motor, is a safe choice.

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