Hagwalah 2.0: Driving an SUV on Two Wheels at Highway Speeds

Driving an SUV on Two Wheels at Highway Speeds 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from Youtube
It's happened so many times to us that we just can't count the dates. There we are, minding our own business behind the wheel of a 700 horsepower Lamborghini Aventador when all of a sudden an SUV on two wheels overtakes us on the inside lane, blasting music from the stereo.
Oh yeah, that really happened a lot, but the phone battery was dead so we couldn't film it. Fortunately, this video just popped up on Youtube to prove we're not telling Saudi Arabian wives' tales.

It proves the famous Hagwalah style of tuning has reached a whole new level of its existence, a 2.0 if you will. This bunch of fun-loving fellows are behind the wheel of beater Toyota Land Cruiser SUV when they decide it's time to turn it into a two-wheeler balancing act at highway speeds.

At one point, the speedometer shows 190 km/h (about 120 mph), but that's just because the left wheels are spinning too much. But even if they're doing more like 120 km/h (75 mph), they're pretty much dead if they crash in that death trap.

So here's what we learned from this video:

1. You don't need to drink alcohol for courage when you want to do something stupid. You just need a friend in a turban smacking your dashboard and singing. Forget Cancun, we're going to the Middle East for Spring Break!
2. Some people still use a removable stereo with a USB stick in it and it's perfectly all right to wrap the steering wheel covered in duct tape.
3. Driving into the sunset on two wheels has to be the most romantic thing a Saudi Arabian can ever do for his wife.
4. This would work really well with Beyonce's Irreplaceable – "To the left, to the left…"

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