Gyrobike, Training Wheels' Armageddon

When learning to ride a bicycle, we all know it takes a fair enough amount of time, skills, and training to learn how to maintain your balance. What you are about to see on the video below however changes all that, as from now on it will take a fair enough amount of time, skills and training to learn how to...loose your balance.

We all had, or at least seen a bicycle wearing two extra, small, hideous and very useful wheels to the back, so that the poor thing and the child on it can learn to get along. Once their job was done, the additions, called training wheels, were removed and disappeared from sight, as they were no longer needed.

Well, from now on, the training wheels will not even appear in the first place. Ever heard about Gyrobike? We haven't, until now, but at least we are not bike freaks...Anyway, the inventors of the thing present us with a very usefull, mothers-will-love-it, fathers-will-try-it gadget.

The technology behind this special wheel is so simple, it makes us wonder "how come we haven't though of it first?" The gyrowheel is a bit bigger and bulkier than a regular kid's bike wheels. It has to be, as it hides a disc that spins independently of the wheel itself, counterbalancing every move of the bike.

Simply said, so kids could understand: try as you might, you will not fall off the bike. Sure, there's still the need for that father/mother hand on your 6-year old shoulder, but no for long. No, sir, you get the hang of it pretty fast...

The self-balancing wheels will be put up for sale this December, but only in the 12 inch version. From spring next year, parents can purchase 16 inch wheels as well. There's no pricing yet on the contraptions, but those interested can send an e-mail to this address and learn more.


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