Guys Start Building Half-Scale Tesla Cybertruck

half-size Tesla Cybertruck 4 photos
Photo: the Hacksmith/YouTube
Half-Scale Tesla CybertruckHalf-Scale Tesla CybertruckHalf-Scale Tesla Cybertruck
Have you placed an order for the Tesla Cybertruck but you can’t wait for late 2021 (probably 2022) to take delivery?
Well, why not build a half-scale model yourself? It can’t be that hard, since all you need is a chassis, some electric motor and some sheets of stainless steel. Well, that’s what the guys from the Hacksmith YouTube channel set out to do and so far the project is shaping up pretty nicely.

These guys are known for other projects, such as the world’s deadliest fidget spinner, or their (attempt at recreating the) grappling hook from the game Just Cause. They have made vehicles in the past, though, such as a recreation of the buggy from the PUBG online game or the motorcycle they strapped a jet engine to.

This half-size Cybertruck has to be their coolest vehicle yet, and in all honesty it makes more sense as an oversized toy (that you can drive), instead of it actually being a real pickup (since there are so many parts of it that can’t make it to production). But let’s not get into that right now and focus on the build.

It looks like they will be splitting the process of making the truck into several episodes and in the first episode (the only one out as you are reading this), they acquired the base for the chassis. This consists of two junk golf karts whose frames and suspension will be used in the truck.

They also got most of the bodywork completed in the first episode, and it must be said it looks pretty darn cool. The driving position looks like it’s going to be a bit strange - kind of like you’re sitting in a very low racing car, almost flat on your back, with your legs extended in front of you, but overall it looks like a promising and doable project.

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