Guys Pick Up Girls in a Ferrari 458 Spider

Remember that video we showed you of a guy flipping girl's opinions of him by showing them his Lamborghini? Well, some guys who knew a guy, who knew a guy with a Ferrari thought they'd do the same.
Ferrari 458 Spider 1 photo
If you though women (some of them, we're not generalizing) were gold diggers that time, wait until you see what happens next. One girl blatantly ignores her boyfriend's wishes and gets in the car with a stranger, saying that "but it's a Ferrari".

Once again, the ladies flip 180 degrees, going from totally uninterested to downright pushy once the learn the guy talking to them has a Ferrari.

The grain of salt from this story is that this is Vegas, and what happens there… ends up on Youtube. Had this been the Mid-West, this stunt probably wouldn't have worked.

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