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Guy Reinvents the Wheel, Cuts It in Half to Make a Fully-Functional Bike

From time to time, an innovative and crazy idea pops up that wows everyone. Some of these concepts only live in the form of renderings, while others make into the real world – just like this insane bike that runs with one of its wheels wheel cut in half.
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Guy reinvents the wheelGuy reinvents the wheelGuy reinvents the wheelGuy reinvents the wheelGuy reinvents the wheelGuy reinvents the wheel
The idea comes from the talented tinkerer behind the popular Youtube channel The Q. He posts all kinds of bizarre experiments and creations on the platform, and most of them can be reproduced at home.

In his latest video, he's showing the audience how he transformed his bike into something unique. Of course, replacing wheels with all sorts of contraptions isn't something new. Over the years, we've seen bikes with circular saws for wheels and ones that have small legs instead of tires.

But I bet you've never seen something like this. In theory, it's not a hard thing to make. If you know a bit of physics, you just need a bit of (or more) imagination and skill to build a DIY bike such as the one made by The Q.

The beginning of his clip starts with a short skit in which he shows how his front wheel brakes when riding up a curb. However, what's funny is that he ends up replacing the back wheel, which isn't damaged.

The process of making the contraption is pretty self-explanatory. The tinkerer takes the wheel and cuts it in half, then repeats the procedure with the tires in order to match each half. He then secures the two with some extra pop rivets.

As you might imagine, in order to fit the two halves onto the bike, he has to extend the frame. So he added three more tubes at the rear to support one of the sliced wheels. The result looks insane. But not only did he make the bike work, but he also tested it out, purposefully riding up on curbs to show that his design works.

Obviously, the DIY bike isn't something practical since it takes more space than a regular bike, and it's probably not easy to handle. It's just a fun project that shows what some people can do when they put their minds to it. Sure, it can also be a cool invention to impress your friends with.

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