Guy Recovers Stolen Motorcycle In One Day Aided By Cab Driver And LoJack Man

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Photo: screenshot from YouTube
I love Twitter stories - they social media’s interface makes for short and concise paragraphs which are a delight to read and this one I just stumbled upon, definitely ranks top place over others I have read.
Twitter user Willenski (@ericdub) has a rather interesting story to tell. His motorcycle got stolen just recently, but he managed to recover it in the same day thanks to two strangers that offered to help him out.

There are few things in life worse than gearing up in the morning, heading up to the place you parked your motorcycle only to discover it has been stolen. The same thing happened to Willenski just the other day, but luckily the was able to track down his machine and eventually take it back.

As soon as he discovered his bike missing, he filed a police report and sorted out the first steps with the insurance company to get his compensation. Later that day, he got a random call from “a dude claiming to be from the LoJack Corp.“ ( a company specialized in tracking down stolen vehicles) and claiming that the stolen bike is somewhere in a warehouse park in Maspeth.

It seemed sketchy, considering he didn’t install a LoJack monitoring system on his bike, but after a couple calls, he realized the guy on the phone was legit, and the first owner of the bike had in fact installed such a system.

So, our guy gets a cab and heads down the warehouse park and actually sees his bike and some dudes around. Not exactly professional thieves, but some low-life scums that took it for a joyride.

At the sight of the scene, the cab driver, an older but very streetwise Muslim man, said he would help the man get his bike back. Of course, they first called the police several times, but no patrol car showed up in an hour and a half, so they had to take the matter into their own hands.

They thieves saw them from the beginning but didn’t have anything else to do but take off the hotwire harness from the bike and leave the area, scared by the thought that the owner called the police.

The two approached the bike but couldn’t start it. That’s when the LoJack man made his entry with a van. Willenski said he looked almost exactly like Mike Ehrmantraut of Breaking Bad.

All three decided it’s no use to wait for the cops anymore so decide to load the bike in the van and go home. Before leaving, the police finally arrived in a stereotypical cops-arrive-last-at-the-scene Hollywood scenario.

The three explained the law forces what happened, and all went home, with Willenski promising he will take care of the two samaritans soon for their cooperation.

You can find the full story here on Twitter.
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