Guy Provokes a Quad ATV to a Rodeo in the Snow, Loses

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Photo: Screenshot from YouTube
Winter's coming, if it isn't already here, and so more and more clips of people doing stupid things in the snow are going to pop up. Just to make sure our readers are safe, we'll be showing you some of the most ridiculous just so you don't have to try them at home.
There's something about the snow's softness that makes us see the world like a giant stunt arena. We suddenly get the courage to do things we wouldn't normally do, and our excuse is always "the snow." And we're not talking angels here.

You've seen people riding skis through town while towed by a car, for example. That's just genius and should be in itself a sufficiently good reason to keep the authorities from clearing the snow off the roads. At least during the holiday season, when we're all thinking less about work and more about having fun. Start a petition if you like, but I doubt you'll get the city hall to comply.

We've seen supercar owners make use of their four-wheel-drive systems in the most peculiar way, clearing the driveway with their Nissan GT-Rs or Lamborghini Aventadors. Of course, wherever space allows it, they'll also indulge in a series of donuts and drifts, because what's work without a little bit of fun?

Space isn't an issue for the man in the clip below. Physics, however, more so. The guy spins the poor machine faster and faster, until the ATV has to make a choice: either it continues until it pukes or it throws the human away and goes to sit for a few minutes until it's all better.

Loving its fluids too much, the vehicle decides for the latter, but having seen it, we're still not sure if the former wouldn't have made for a more entertaining watch.

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