Guy Proves He Didn't Buy an Orange McLaren for Nothing, Gets Karma-Slapped

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Maybe you're not the type of person who thinks the car you drive says a lot about you, but that would probably place you in a very small minority. The truth is your car, just like your clothes or your hairdo, does have a story to tell, so maybe you should consider this as well when buying a new set of wheels.
For instance, a person who opts to get a Volkswagen Golf isn't going to drive it to a skydiving class, to put it nicely. Just like it's very unlikely to see a pickup truck owner attending modern art exhibitions. Or, to move in an area we're all a lot more familiar with, you don't buy a BMW if you plan on using the turning indicator. As for brightly-colored sportscars, well, these are the kind of guys who wear matching running shoes.

Knowing that, it's beyond us why you do anything to get one of these guys mad if you're going to run away after that. You know he'll be ready for a chase, so you'd better be very fast on your feet. However, there are moments when you just can't control yourself. If you're riding your skateboard, for example, and an orange McLaren MP4-12C runs a stop sign and nearly runs you over. Then decides to add insult to injury by honking and also yelling "F***ing move, b***h!"

If you're the type of kid who doesn't like being bullied, you won't take that lightly. Of course, you shouldn't grab your skateboard and hit his windshield, because that is guaranteed to get him mad. And yet, as we've said before, there are these moments when you just can't control yourself. Luckily, the kid didn't hang about and stormed off with the passenger in the McLaren hot on his tail.

Unfortunately, we don't know how all this ended, but we do hope the kid wasn't caught. We're not saying you should be able to get away with stuff like that, but the driver did act like a douchebag, and besides, we doubt the passenger chased him because he wanted to turn him over to the police.

What's the lesson to be learned from this? Well, there are several. First of all, don't mess with people in funky colored sports cars. Second, if you've been a douche, don't become an even greater one but try to apologize. Third, don't honk at kids riding blunt weapons with wheels. Fourth, if you're gonna break a windshield, make sure you start running before the actual strike, if possible. Fifth, never - and we do mean "never" - film anything vertically.

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