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Guy Martin to Ride an Indian Scout at 100 MPH on the Wall of Death?

Last week we showed you some preview footage from Guy Martin's upcoming antics that involve riding the wall of death. We also told you that Guy had some record breaking in mind, now that he seems to have taken the year off from racing motorbikes at insane speed on public roads.
Guy Martin and the Indian Scout 6 photos
Guy Martin and the wall of deathGuy Martin and the wall of deathGuy Martin and the wall of deathGuy Martin and the wall of deathGuy Martin and the wall of death
Still, Martin also added that speed and bikes are two of the things he would not give up. In fact, it now appears that he is only about to do things that are even more dangerous and crazier than before.

Building and riding the largest wall of death in the world is one of his plans, and doing this at 100 mph (160 km/h) comes as a most daring complement.

Still, it's a mystery what bike Martin will choose for the job. Back in late 2014, Guy said that he was working on a special bike that would help him break the record, a 1972 Rob North T160 Trident triple-cylinder. While we know that retro bikes are perfectly capable of reaching speeds that are much higher, even on the wall of death, we are intrigued to see a new-generation Indian Scout in the pictures.

In some recent photos, Guy Martin poses in front of the vertical board track accompanied by an Indian Scout with a chopped rear fender and no front fender at all, wire spoked wheels and what appears to be a sawn-off open-pipe exhaust. Also, the Scout shows some structural reinforcement in the belly area, making us believe that this is the bike that Martin will ride.

One of the biggest problems when riding the wall of death are the extreme G forces both the rider and the machine must cope with. One of the reasons to build a 120-ft (39 meters) diameter wall of death was to make sure the conditions are less punishing.

According to Martin, doing 100 mph on a traditional wall would imply forces that are most likely to kill a human being. However, a larger one means a longer lap but the Gs reduced to only five units, which is bearable with the right training. Martin also flew some jet fighters to get acquainted with the forces.

His attempt will take place on March 28, which is now less than a week away and will be broadcast by the usual Channel 4.


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