Guy Magically Makes Hot Wheels Cars Drift at Home

It seems like we played with Hot Wheels cars the wrong ways in our childhood. Moving them by hand an making engine sounds with the mouth is now for peasants. If you’re cool, you get this sort of material and make them drift.
Drifting Hot Wheels 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from Youtube
Believe me, after seeing this video I was absolutely intrigued that non-motorized tiny cars can drift like that. And no, this is not one of those stop-motion clips you’ve seen these days.

After a second look we discovered the video is filmed in slow motion and the guy uses some DIY ramps covered with a special poly-vinyl material that cuts down the friction enough to make the cars stick their rear out.

From here, you only need imagination, a bit of physics knowledge and a lot of spare time to find the perfect angles. All the rigs you’ll see bellow use only the gravitational force, pulling the tiny metal cars down the ramps where they lose grip and start drifting.

The adhesive sheet can apparently be bought from a company named TyoToys, which they say it mimics the asphalt but on a very small scale. Combining it with different materials along the track will actually influence the car’s behavior and obtain different results.

Now go see the video past the jump while I start digging old drawers to find some of my Hot Wheels...

*screams from the attic* Dammit ma’! They were here two years ago

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