Guy Lies To Cops To Get Them To Find His Stolen Car, It Backfires Like Karma

A 22-year-old man from Philadelphia thought he had accessed the police’s secret code of getting things done, but it backfired like it happened in a sitcom.
1995 Ford Escort 1 photo
Marcus Fletcher, the man who got hit by karma, was frustrated that he found his car got stolen again, and the first car he had lost to thieves was not recovered.

This time, the was carjacked at gunpoint, at about 10:35 pm, and his assailants took his wallet, a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, $30 in cash, his ID, credit cards, along with the 1995 Ford Escort he used to deliver pizza.

While the carjacking left him unharmed, but understandably upset, he decided he could help make the police officers “work harder” on his case. Instead of honesty, he claimed that his four-year-old nephew was in the back seat of his green Ford Escort, and that the carjackers probably have the boy with them.

It looks like the kidnapping report was credible enough for police officers, who began an intense search for Fletcher’s car. It was found on the street in the city, and it was locked and unoccupied, Philly notes.

With no four-year-old nephew in sight, the detectives asked Fletcher for more information, including a detailed description of the kid, along with naming his parents.

Moreover, the pizza delivery agent provided conflicting reports of the robbery, which raised suspicion among the police officers that handled the case. Eventually, he admitted he lied about the nephew part, and even explained his reasons to the police, pointing to the other investigation regarding his previous car.

Police officers are still investigating the robbery that Fletcher suffered, because someone still needs to find the people that pointed a gun at him and took his belongings and livelihood.

It is unclear if the Philadelphia police force will apply a financial penalty on Marcus Fletcher for lying about the true contents of his vehicle, but he might not get a free pass for the incident. No matter how desperate you are to retrieve your stolen property, do not lie to investigators, it will not help.


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