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Guy Does 220ft Snowmobile Jump

Are you a bike enthusiast and feel a bit blue because spring is not here yet? Do you keep dreaming and sigh when you remember the warm summer days and the sunset rides? It sometimes feel like life just isn't fair with so many months of winter and inclement weather?
Well, here's one to cool you down... or send you deeper into dark thoughts: since they can't have all the fun they want on a motorcycle, some guys decided to use whatever they can. And since Sweden is full of snow and ski ramps are not that hard to find... you go figure it out.

So there you go, with a guy riding a snowmobile down a ski jumping ramp and doing a nifty 220ft (67 meters) flight, with a hard, yet impeccable landing. Thing is, there's plenty of moto fun during the winter, too, so stop sobbing and dress up for some nice snowmobile fun!


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