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Guy Builds DIY Propeller-Driven Snow Bike, Watch It Hit 33 MPH

Although meteorological spring is tomorrow (March 1st), in many regions, the winter season is well underway. Some people decided to take advantage of the snow and enjoy the weather in a unique way – by taking their DIY propeller-driven snow bike out on a ride.
Guys makes DIY propeller-driven snow bike 6 photos
Guys makes DIY propeller-driven snow bikeGuys makes DIY propeller-driven snow bikeGuys makes DIY propeller-driven snow bikeGuys makes DIY propeller-driven snow bikeGuys makes DIY propeller-driven snow bike
The idea came from PeterSripol, a popular YouTuber that often likes to experiment and create all sorts of crazy things. His recent creation is a propeller-driven snow bike that was built in less than a day. However, this wasn't the first time he designed something like this.

Back in 2018, Peter tried to make an air sled, but he wasn't really satisfied with it. So he improved the design and created this new machine. Helped by his friends, he took an old bicycle and removed all the parts that were unnecessary, remaining with the frame, forks, handlebars, and pedals.

Instead of skis, he took three snowboards and attached them to the frame. And after a bit of welding and adjusting, a "sledding" chassis started to take shape. To make it functional, Peter also put a Predator 212cc engine on it that produces only 6.5 hp.

The reason why he chose this engine was that it was cheap. He mounted a propeller on it and connected it to the throttle cable on the right brake. After everything was assembled, the team took out the new snow bike for testing.

Although the trike did glide on the snow, it wasn't that fast (not a surprise), and it did get stuck several times. So Peter put a paramotor on it, and this thing was able to reach 33 mph (53 kph).

Peter said it would have to work more on it since the snow bike is quite unstable. After all, going at more than 30 mph on ice with a propeller spinning behind with little to no guard is quite dangerous. Overall this project looks like a lot of fun, and the guys seemed to have enjoyed putting it together and testing it out on the snow.

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