Gumball 3000 Invites You to Choose This Year's Challenge Epic Award Winner

The 2014 edition of the supercar rally that will take some of the world’s best cars from Miami to Ibiza is soon to start. Meanwhile, the last arrangements are made by the celebrities participating on the crazy 3,000 miles (4,820 km) race. While thousands of people will follow the astonishing rides from the side, the organizers have prepared a challenge that will make them be part of the action.
2014 Gumball 3000 will end in Ibiza 1 photo
While celebrities and car enthusiasts around the world are gathering in Miami and are making their presence seen on social media for fans to meet this year’s beasts, Gumball 3000’s organizers have created a challenge for the ones staying at home.

Long story short, each morning people taking part of the race will be issued a dare that involves one of the celebrities. Not many details were made public, but according to a couple of the Youtubers broadcasting the whole rally, people will get trials involving the Gumball 3000 lifestyle, the supercars’ stories and so on. Everything will be caught on tape and uploaded in the evenings.

All the clips will be put on the Gumball 3000 Youtube Account and it’s going to be up to the fans watching to decide who is going to win the challenge, as it comes down to the views of each video. At the end of the race there is going to be “an epic” award for the winner. Although we don’t yet know what the prize is, we think it’s definitely going to be more than interesting. Perhaps that ice cream machine from a few years ago...


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