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Gulfstream’s Fastest, Longest-Range Luxury Jet Boasts Next-Gen Sustainable Aerostructures

Gulfstream’s G800 is turning out to be a real show-stopper. Not only is it the fastest business jet in the company’s history and the one with the longest range, but it will also be built with innovative sustainable aerostructures that make it lightweight and contribute to reduced carbon emissions.
The G800 will feature the latest lightweight thermoplastic technology that reduces emissions 6 photos
It was in October 2021 when the world-renown business and private jet builder unveiled the new G800, an outstanding ultra-long-haul aircraft featuring the latest technology. In addition to reaching nine-tenth of the speed of sound, the new jet is capable of flying for over 8,000 nautical miles (9,206 miles/14,816 km). Although it’s equipped with the same high-thrust Rolls-Royce Pearl 700 turbofan engines as the previous G700, it offers greater fuel efficiency.

In terms of design, this highly-performant jet will benefit from cutting-edge thermoplastic technology, thanks to a recent agreement between Gulfstream and the renowned GKN Aerospace. GKN is now the official supplier for the new G800 and G400 business jets, which will feature sustainable lightweight aerostructures. GKN will be in charge of the G800’s empennage (the aircraft’s tail section), including the rudder and elevators, plus its floorboards, as well as the G400’s wing skins.

According to GKN, the sustainable thermoplastics used for these components will save a minimum of 10% of the overall weight compared to traditional materials, which helps reduce carbon emissions. GKN experts will work together with the Gulfstream engineering team in order to integrate these materials into the manufacturing process. The next-generation business jets will be produced at the Papendrecht and Hoogeveen in the Netherlands, the Chihuahua facility in Mexico, and at Wellington, in the U.S.

In addition to its impressive performance and luxurious interiors, the new G800 will also be an example of sustainable technology – one of the latest trends in the aviation sector. The ultra-long-range jet is expected to start being delivered to customers by 2023.

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