Gulfstream G280 Super-Midsize Business Jet Boasts New Major Upgrades

The popular super-midsize Gulfstream G280 is rocking some new upgrades. Gulfstream has added several new features that include improvements to the passenger experience, a reduced pilot workload, and new safety technologies.
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Passengers can now choose to have more comfort in the G280 with a new plasma ionization clean air system that is capable of eliminating airborne bacteria, fungi, and odors. The system will work alongside the Gulfstream Cabin Experience to produce clean, never-recirculated air.

The aircraft's cabin offers multiple floorplan options and can seat up to 10 passengers with a four-place conference table. Each configuration supports a fully equipped galley, a spacious baggage compartment, and a lavatory with two windows and a full-size closet.

The cockpit features an upgraded avionics system that will help create a digitalized flight deck and reduce pilot workload. Customers will be able to access the new Weather SiriusXM, which provides graphical weather updates on the go. Not only that but vertical weather and predilections and dual electronic charts will also be available.

Pilots can now use a surface management system (SMS) to receive audible and visual about potentially hazardous ground and arrival operations. The system will also help prevent runway incursions.

The jet is certified for steep approaches and has access to some of the world's most challenging airports. The G280 is the only aircraft in its class with Visual Advantage credit, giving select operators the authorization to begin instrument approaches in low visibility.

With the enhanced flight vision system, pilots can land in low-visibility conditions without using natural vision. This increases access to airports and reduces go-arounds. In addition, a Synthetic Vision-Primary Flight Display, which includes 3D visuals of terrain and runways, will further improve pilot situational awareness.

Additional features include access to baggage at high altitudes, 19 large oval windows, and multiple connectivity options, including a high-speed Ka-band satellite system.

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