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GULF Racing Aston V12 Vantage and Porsche Boxster S

If you think of a racing Ford GT or Porsche 917, you naturally associate them with the famous GULF Oil racing colors. The company's two colors from its logo have blended so well to the world of automobiles that people actually want them on their road cars.
GULF Porsche Boxster S 1 photo
Over the past few month, supercar spotter Shmee150 has filmed two such GULF cars. One of them is a very impressive Aston Martin V12 Vantage which was filmed in Georgia of all places (no, not in the US).

The other is a brand new Porsche Boxster S belonging to a friend who had it wrapped for a special event. Both look stunning and attractive. Even though not everybody knows about the association with the world of motorsports, the Aston and Porsche wear their colors proudly and with a total sense of style.

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