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Guinness World Record Truck Displayed by Mercedes-Benz in Australia

If you’re an Aussie and you’ve never seen a world record-setting truck, this might just be your lucky day. Mercedes-Benz will show its super-efficient Mercedes-Benz Actros Safety Truck at the 2010 Melbourne International Truck, Trailer and Equipment Show from March 18-20, 2010.

We’re not talking about the longest, biggest or most powerful truck in the world, as all of those are probably in the US. The German truck is recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the most fuel-efficient 40-tonne truck, so it should rise the interest of the transport companies.

The Actros consumed 9.44 litres per 100 kilometers, so it can run 5.14 km per liter - the equivalent of less than 0.8 litres per 100 kilometres per tonne. Such performance was accomplished as the 6x2 Actros 2541 was fitted with the full range of fuel maximizing, safety and emission control technologies, including:
  • Lift axle;
  • Michelin low-friction tires;
  • Aerodynamic A-pillars and sun visor;
  • Aluminium turntable (70kg);
  • Electronic Stability Program ESP®, ABS, Electronic Pneumatic Braking – safety attributes that assist the driver in unstable braking conditions;
  • Safety package (Lane Assist, Proximity Control, Active Brake Assist and Voith Retarder);
  • Side Extenders and Side Skirts;
  • Fuel Economy meter (VDO);
  • Fleetboard;
  • Powershift transmission with automated 2-pedal function, roll back and EcoRoll.

“We have been trialling this truck with some of our fleet customers and we’ve received overwhelmingly positive feedback,” said Carlo Beltrame, Senior Executive of Daimler Trucks. “This is a fantastic vehicle that is proving itself on our roads as an extremely fuel-efficient, safe, productive and competitive vehicle.”


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